The Vendée islands

Noirmoutier island

A getaway with friends or family on the island of Noirmoutier.
You must have already heard of Noirmoutier Island and its access by bridge or by “le gois”. It is a 4 km long submersible road connecting the island to the mainland.

Your stay at the campsite is the perfect opportunity to go to Noirmoutier, to enjoy its 40km of beaches and its salt marshes.

Yeu island

The Isle of Yeu is 17 km from the Vendée coast.
Embark on board, from St Gilles Croix de vie and set off to discover the Isle of Yeu. On arrival, you can rent a bicycle for the day and to explore the different landscapes of the island with its beaches and dunes, its cliffs, its wild coast.

On board your bike, you can take the time to stroll around to discover the various must-see sites such as Port Joinville, the old castle and the Port de la Meule.